Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh Snap....It's almost August!!

Greetings! I am THRILLED to be linking up with the amazing Teacher Deals, Dollar Steals blog for the new monthly link up. Just a quick post from me today, but I COULDN'T WAIT to share my latest product with you. For a LONG TIME I have been wanting to ditch my overstuffed file folders. Also...there MAY or MAY NOT still be files from two teachers before me...
I have been seeing recent posts of bloggers cleaning out and cleaning up their file cabinets. It is my dream come true to open those bad boys up and see neat, orderly binders. I plan on putting my binders spine up in the file cabinets. 
My Math files are the WORST. Just messy and PACKED. I am going to purge a lot of the old files and put the rest in the binders. Which leads me to the perfect products to create such math binders. (ON SALE until I finish adding the extra pages!!)
(To see the product click HERE or on the pic above!)
I included the Common Core strands for grades K-5!! Here are some of the covers. 

Spines for two different size binders!
I also created binder covers for 2nd Grade Everyday Math. (I know..specific..but I KNOW there are others who use it!!) I have 12 binder covers, one for each unit. This will be a growing product as I will be adding game dividers, etc. (The common core binder set will also grow as I add strand dividers!)
Click HERE or on the pic to check these covers out!

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  1. So funny! I just posted a desperate plea for help on my blog on this very same topic. My file cabinets (including previous teachers' files. eek!!) are stressing. me. out. I don't know where to start. I think cute binder covers are a great Step One. ;) Good luck! I'd love to see your progress so I see that it can be done and can possibly get some motivation to kick my booty into gear.

  2. Super cute covers! Found you on #littlefishblogger. I'm a new follower and would love a follow back! :)

    All the best,
    Laura K.