Saturday, August 8, 2015

Our Teaching Tribe...Product Swap!

Hey, hey, hey friends! Katie Palmer from Pop into Primary here. Thanks so much for hoppin' through our blog hop this morning! I was THRILLED to participate in this product trade-off and was paired with another Palmer....Suzy Palmer from On the Go Teacher Mama.
Suzy has amazing products, especially lots of QR code task cards. Check out her store here. The product I am telling you about today, and am super excited to use it with my kiddos, is 
her Easy Cheesy 3-digit addition with Regrouping Activities. I just KNOW my kiddos will love this. 
Click the picture above to see this product in her store.
Suzy is what I would call a Queen of QR codes! Several of her products include QR task cards, and this one is no exception. Every year my students love QR codes. One student once told me she loved seeing the "magic" when the code turned into a video. {I do QR videos on my math homework.} They take pride in knowing they know exactly how to use the codes {and it is iPad time...oh that beloved iPad time!! :)}

I am STOKED to use these QR task cards with  my kiddos. I am thinking we could use them for a Scoot game, or even at a Math station. {I am trying to implement the Math Daily 3 this year and I think the Easy Cheesy activities will fit into that great!!}

My students will enjoy sneaking around the room like little, quiet mice to solve the problems on the answer sheet and scanning to check their answers...I can't wait!!!

Also included in the Easy Cheesy Activities is a flip flap on the steps for addition with regrouping. How fun to add into a math interactive notebook?

The kiddos can go back and reference the steps whenever they need to if it is in their notebooks! I colored the flip flap, which I sometimes let my little notebookers do, but it would look great printed on colorful paper as well. I will do this flip flap whole group and talk/work it out together. 
And....don't you hate when you download a worksheet, give it to your students, and they have trouble reading the directions or font?? Well that is not the case with the worksheets included in this activity pack. 

Suzy uses nice, large font. My kiddos will love working on this concept...because, and tell me if it is the same for your students, my mathematicians love solving three digit addition and subtraction. Each year they love it! {Anyone else?} I don't know what it is about it, the speed at which they can solve three digit problems, or the regrouping...I am not sure, but they always love it. {I once told a class that we needed to work quickly but carefully on our 3-digit addition. Why? they all asked at once. Because the President called to say he needs the answers....quick! 2nd graders are too fun.}
How to explain this multi-step process to hands-on learners? Suzy has got you covered! In this Easy Cheesy 3-digit Addition pack are not only the flip flaps, but a cut and paste activity! Great for the hands-on kid. {Like me!}
Like I have said a few times...I cannot wait to use this with my 2nd graders this year! So many different options for practicing 3-digit addition and regrouping...there is something for every learner! AND make sure to check out Suzy's other QR task cards!
Thanks for stopping by!! {Make sure to click the picture below to head to the next blog!!}


  1. This came in just the perfect time . These are one of the concepts that my little ones struggle with . I'm always looking for ways to teach of and practice it ! Awesome review . Thanks for joining the blog hop !

  2. I love QR codes too. What a great way to engage students!

  3. Wow, there is so much in this product! Exactly what little second grade students need when it comes to practicing 3-digit addition with regrouping. I don't know that my students love it like yours do.... I would say they struggle at first... so finding new ways to practice is key!